We love Bengal Cats

We are young  Breeder in Scotland

The Bengal Cat is the only domestic cat breed that can mimic the rosetting, like the markings of the distinctive exotic Leopard Pattern and the Wild Expressions of a Small Forrestdwelling Wild Cat: The Asian Leopard Cat, The Ocelot, The Clouded Leopard and his Big Cat Cousins: The Leopard, The Snow Leopard, The Black Panther & The Jaguar.

The Bengal cat is a large, sleek and very muscular cat with a thick tail that is carried low. The Bengal cat's wild appearance is enhanced by its distinctive thick and luxurious spotted or marbled coat. Its broad head has small ears and pronounced whisker pads and its eyes are black rimmed and almond shaped. The tail is thick, tapering to a black tip. There is no other breed of cat which displays the gold or pearl dusting effect (glitter) found on some Bengal cats and can be very demanding because of high activity levels.

Our Bengals

Bengal Paradise Registered GCCF & TICA

Bengal Paradise a small cattery, as we aim to focus on the quality rather than the  quantity of our kittens, it's meaning that each our kitten is truly special for us.



  • These cats resemble a mini wild leopard cat, stand out with an exotic look, in other words, are a pearl of cats all over the world.
  • Characterized by dog ​​character traits such as loyalty and intelligence.
  • After a little training, you will go for a walk on a leash without any problems.
  • Most Bengal cats love to travel by car.
  • Most Bengal cats get along well with other pets.
  • They are exceptionally energetic and remain youthful and playful for many years.
  • Most Bengal cats love to play with water and enjoy bathing in it.
  • Loves games very much and is great for households with children.
  • Veins from the most exotic cats that can be kept at home.
  • Bengal cats grow big, slender, flexible, athletic.
  • Bengal cats are fascinated by agility and jumping.
  • Bengal cats are very smart, so they learn teams easily.
  • Bengal cats are hypoallergenic and hardly feed.
  • Bengal cat fur stands out from other cats with its softness and luster.
  • Bengal cats are generally in good health and have few genetically determined diseases.
  • Bengal cats are like children - they need attention and new attractions every day.
  • Bengal cats stand out from other cats with their curiosity: they will quickly find out how the room door or cabinet door opens.
  • Bengal cats may be surprised by "thefts" - car keys, hair clips or other shiny items may disappear unexpectedly ...
  • Bengal cats stand out with a strong instinct to hunt.
  • Bengal cats are able to "speak" loudly and expressively when they are hungry or intend to play, and they are sure to announce this with their exclusive humming.












GCH Noras Laimes Pukelis

Our Stud Noras Laimes Pukelis came to us from Lithuania. Born 18/02/2018. Noras is Grand Champion 

Tyneview Ida Gold Village

Queen Tyneview Ida Gold Village come to Bengal Paradise from NewCastle, she born 23/05/2019

CH Kubala Kleopatra

Queen Kubela Kleopatra came from Belarus, she born 12/05/2020, Kleopatra aready is Campion.


She's CH KUBERA KLEOPATRA & HUGO LUXURE LEX OF LAIMES PUKELIS daughter. Born 19/05/2021 in Scotland Aberdeen BENGALPARADISE Cattery


She's CH KUBERA KLEOPATRA & HUGO LEXURE LEX OF LAIMES PUKELIS daughter. Born 19/05/2021 in Scotland Aberdeen BENGALPARADISE Cattery


He's TYNEVIEW IDA GOLD VILLAGE & NORAS LAIMES PUKELIS sun. Born 10/04/2022 in Scotland Aberdeen BENGALPARADISE Cattery.